Zildjin Cymbals are my preference. They have all the crispness I look for in a quality cymbal. The crashes have a nice tight dry splash. Here's a link to purchase these on Amazon:


I love my Yamaha Guitar. I found mine at a yard sale. It's a 1959 model. A really nice medium price range guitar that sounds great and stays in tune. I recommend it to a lot of my guitar students. Here's a link to purchase one on Amazon:


Keyboard Chords and Scales is the Piano Instruction book that Linda Badinger recommends. Here's the link on Amazon to have it delivered:



Linda Badinger recommends the Yamaha Portable Grand DGX 200 Keyboard. It's a good entry-level instrument for beginners as well as professionals. Here's a link to buy the latest model now on Amazon.com:


The Drum Set I usually prefer is a Yamaha Recording Series. They react to my playing like very few drums do. I really love them. Here's a link to purchase your own set on Amazon:


Mike Badinger uses Vic Firth Drum Sticks.

I really like the way these drum sticks feel. I usually use wood tips because I can really feel the difference and hear the sound on my cymbals. For most younger beginners I recommend starting with size 7A. If you get the nylon tips, they should last a little longer. But, again I like the sound of the wood tips the best. Here's a link on Amazon to check them out and purchase them: